All Boy Hip Hop

All Boy Hip Hop is a 1 hour class for boys only. For boys ages 5 and up. They will learn basic/beginner hip hop choreography combined with an introduction to break dancing. Class will incorporate stretching, strengthening, and building confidence in boys who love to dance.

What To Wear

It is important for students to wear proper dance attire and shoes so the teacher can critic the dancers’ proper form and alignment and to prevent injury. Long hair is required to be pulled back away from the face. Dangling jewelry is not permitted. Students may wear gym shorts or pants and a t-shirt. Dance sneakers or gym shoes may be worn (if gym shoes are worn they need to be a pair that are only worn on the dance floor not out on the street).

September 2 @ 19:30
7:30 pm — 8:30 pm (1h)


Ms. Scarlett