Fall & Winter Programs

A fall program will be held in October and a winter program will be held in December for the school year. A summer program will be held the last week of the summer session. These programs will allow parents to attend their students' classes to see their progress and watch them perform. For the younger students a cookie party will follow.


An end of the year recital will be held on TBD to showcase the C2D Dancers' hard work and accomplishments. Recital is not required, but all students are encouraged to participate. Recital fee and costume fees to be determined.

Special Needs

C2D feels everyone should be able to experience the joy of dance! This program is a great way for children with special needs to get involved in an extracurricular activity while improving motor skills, confidence, and socialization. This "Chance 2 Dance" class is a 40 minute class where students will learn the basics of movement, rhythm, and the fundamentals of ballet (such as the five feet positions), as well as reinforcing and practicing basic academic skills (letters, numbers, shapes, etc.). Stretching, dancing with props, enjoying music and expressing emotion will be a part of every class.

Chance 2 Dance Special Needs Class 2015-2016 Recital Dance

Give a Chance2Dance!

C2D feels everyone should be able to experience the joy of dance! The mission of Give a Child the Chance 2 Dance is to give an opportunity to community members to not only help support local talent, but to make a child’s dream come true. The program allows sponsors to help dancers with financial need to attend Chance 2 Dance Studio classes and participate in the end of the year dance recital. You can of course contribute any amount or you can opt to donate a semester tuition or a full year tuition (based on the dancer taking one class per week). Every penny goes directly towards current and future dancers’ tuition and dance school fees. Donations may or may not be tax deductible; consult your accountant. Sponsors will have special seating at the end of the year dance recital and will be listed in the recital program. You can donate online, mail your donation to the studio, or drop by the studio to make a donation. If you have any questions about the program please contact C2D by phone or e-mail.

Competition Team

The Chance 2 Dance Studio Competition Team is a performance group for girls and boys ages 6-18. This program is for students that show an exceptional dedication and talent for dance. These dancers will be selected through an audition process and extensively train in all areas of dance. Competition Team members will grow both technically and stylistically each year with their participation. The C2D Competition Team will perform at various competitions, conventions and local venues. C2D Competition Team dancers will be required to take fundamental classes along with competition rehearsal classes.
To be eligible to audition, dancers must enroll in the age appropriate Competition Team Audition Clinic class held during the Summer Session. Dancers will learn the choreography piece that will be performed during auditions. Auditions will be held at the conclusion of the Summer Session.