Ballet/Lyrical – Level 2

Ballet/Lyrical is a 1 hour to 1.5 hour class. Students perform barre exercises, as well as center floor and traveling steps. Focus is on maintaining proper alignment, developing strength and endurance, and increasing flexibility and extension. Dancers learn turns, jumps, slow balances (adagio exercises), and complex choreography. Ballet class etiquette is reinforced and practiced. The Lyrical portion of the class uses a combination of ballet and jazz that challenges dancers to use motion to interpret music and express emotion. Level 1: Students 4th grade and up with 0-2 years ballet experience. Level 2: Students 4th grade and up with 3-5 years ballet experience. Level 3: Students 4th grade and up with 5 or more years ballet experience. Students that have been approved to dance en pointe will enroll in the Level 3 class. All class placements must be approved by C2D staff.

What To Wear

It is important for students to wear proper dance attire and shoes so the teacher can critic the dancers’ proper form and alignment and to prevent injury. Long hair is required to be pulled back away from the face. Dangling jewelry is not permitted. Students may wear any color tights and leotard (with skirt or hot shorts) with pink ballet shoes. Tan jazz shoes OR slip on lyrical shoes may be worn for the lyrical portion of the class.

September 1 @ 18:30
6:30 pm — 7:30 pm (1h)

Van Buren

Ms. Kristen